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Halloween Costumes: MS Paint Style

In honor of the quickly approaching All Hallow’s Eve…

witchrobotpirate catfarmerdracula


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the stuff dreams are made of…

K: I had a dream the night before last which included you.

Essentially what happened was I was sitting in our living room flipping through some magazines…I believe it was Mademoiselle or Vanity Fair or some shit which was the tip off that this was in fact a dream.  So anyway, I’m flipping away, browsing the pictures of celebrities at their celebrity parties and what not and something catches my eye.  There is a picture of some famous person cruise shindig or whathaveyou and a few things strike me as odd:

a. This picture is of Angela Lansbury (or perhaps Jessica Fletcher), Blanch Devereaux and Samuel L. Jackson – they seriously hang out??
b. Everyone is extremely dressed up for being on the sun deck of a cruise ship.
and c. Off to the side is you – clearly not famous, hopping into the pic (not even sure if they noticed you), but get this – You’re wearing a bright purple sparkly sequined fucking beret!  HA! That was the kicker.

And though this is not completely accurate (ie. blanch is not wearing the gown i envisioned…) this is as close of a picture as I can paint for you of what I saw in my dream. Don’t be intimidated by my excellent cut and paste skills. Enjoy.


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a text from dad

Dad: Whaaaaaz up?
Me: Wow.
Dad: ?
Me: I’m at work.  “whaaaz up” with you?
Me: nice.  are you going to the fair this weekend?
Dad: no – i would never go on the weekend.  too many people.
Me: you sure? we could go mullet-hunting.
Dad: when are you coming out? you have mail and a paycheck. must be nice not to need the $$
<insert normal conversation>
Dad: we’re having steak 2nite. 2 bad u wont b here.
Me: save me some, i’ll get it this weekend.
Dad: NOT! Bye 4 now.

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