MS Paint…the medium of true art.

scuba cowboy v. snorkeling man eating plants

where's my weed killer?!

where's my weed killer?!

the guest artist, whom we shall call “R“, strikes again, sparking conversation…

K: OMG. Does R have a job?!? And they have to stop being so good or I’m going to boycott…

A: There should be a rule that guest artists should not have cooler drawings than us! I am going to attempt a deep sea diver once all my redbull has worn off — I should not drink that stuff with my ADD medicine! Holy moly!!!!!!!

L: Seriously, how does he even do that.

LI can’t believe how good R‘s drawings are. I need to practice

Ei know, right?

Lalthough my more rustic approach is truly the essence of our site

if I don’t say so myself
Ei agree. its a nice work of art. but not nearly as funny as the moosicorn


Lthey honestly look like they could be an illustration for a children’s book
mine actually look like they were done by a child

i wonder if he’s cheating somehow.

I suppose that’s a possibility
but would it really be worth the time?

i dont know
is any of this really worth the time?
i mean, flamingos with ADD is a very relevant topic, but…

although sometimes I need a ADD flamingo to get me through my day

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