MS Paint…the medium of true art.

Things we will see at the Twins game (circa 2008):

K: Kubel striking out…looking.
Teenage boys wearing rally caps in the 6th inning when we’re up
A belligerant group of middle aged A’s fans
Gomez stealing a base or two.
Gomez getting so excited about a play that he jumps in the air…perhaps injuring himself.
Suzuki having to bat down at least 5 wild pitches.
At least 6 people still wearing Hunter or Santana jerseys
One vendor guy tripping up the stairs.
2-3 female fans wearing a pink and/or women’s twins shirt that is too small.
A scalper with a small child with him.
12 people getting on the Jumbotron unknowingly
1 person denied on the Kiss Cam
3 unnattentive people hit by the t-shirt cannon and/or a foul ball.
23-26 kids getting molested by TC Bear.
2 lame signs saying “Circle me Bert. We’re from [insert shitty town here].”

E: ooh, nice list!  i will disagree with you about both your gomez predictions though; either because he’s going to still be benched or because he sucks.
you also forgot to predict the number of delmon young mis-cues and the number of times you say “i really want a dome dog”.


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