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(this list was created by K and commented on by E. comments are in navy)


Chili’s Chicken Enchilada gross. i am averse to mexican food of any kind (unless its homemade tacos) move to dislike list.
Chicken Wild Rice (only the super thick/creamy kind)make it almandine and i’m in.  see GC’s Tuesday soup.  it’s the only reason i miss that place.
Clam Chowderi get cravings for this, but never in substantial quantities.  move to take it or leave it list.
Vegetable Beefdislike.  canned vegetables = awful.
Gumboupon reflection, i can’t remember actually ever EATING gumbo. or wanting to. take it or leave it.
Homemade Chicken Noodle (w/dumplings)the dumplings are key here.  yes.
Ciatti’s Chicken Tortellinidoes ciatti’s even still exist as a restaurant entity?  i dislike filled pasta in my soup.
French Oniontastes good, feels good for about 15 minutes then gives me gut rot and forces me to keep a 20 foot distance from all living things for the next 18 hours.  dislike.
Olive Garden Zuppa Toscananever had it. also, what is with you and restaurant specific soups? if you’re going to eat out, why waste your time with soup?
Chili (technically not a soup per se…)gross.  beans AND ground up meat.  could there BE a worse combination?
Hobo Stew (my grandpa makes this and once told me the rutabaga’s in it – that i wouldn’t eat – were square carrots.  I believed him)never had that either, and never will, seeing as i’m allergic to rutabegas. your grandpa could have killed me.
Beef & Barleywas our “soup of the day” in the cafeteria, along with “HW bean”.  i threw up a little.

Additional likes:
Tomato Basil (or just tomato, if you’re boring) – this is the rock star of soups.  especially with good bread.
Beer Cheese – best in a bread bowl, but acceptable simply with popcorn.  also good mixed with tomato.
Chicken & Stars – my favorite of the campbells variety
Cream of Mushroom** – the disclaimer here is that this soup is disgusting when eaten as-is..  However, this soup adds enormous value to many gourmet dishes: chicken & rice, beef stroganoff, and swedish meatballs to name just a few.

Additional dislikes:
Split pea (with or without ham)
Corn chowder
Any variety of bean
Broccoli Cheddar


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  1. Italian Wedding beats the crap out of all the other soups on the shelf

    Comment by Anne | August 6, 2009 | Reply

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