MS Paint…the medium of true art.


Occasionally, there are days when MS Paint just isn’t in the cards. This happens most often when one of us actually has a deadline or project at work that needs some attention – but sometimes we’re just hungover or feeling uncreative. On these days, we still feel that underlying drive to be entertaining and,  let’s be honest here – we’re so good that we just can’t turn it off. And so was born our 2nd favorite past time: list making.

Some of the lists, you’ll notice, are not attributed to a particular person – this is because the lists are usually formed through an email chain passed from person to person (it’s less time consuming when one of us actually has work to do). Other lists are created by one person and added/commented on by others – we’ve attempted to make these chains easier to understand by our creative use of multiple colors and font styles.

These lists are the hidden treasures buried in our inboxes; some are long, some are short, but they are all worthy of a read or twenty.

Thus, we have created the list of lists – behold:

Creepiness on a scale of 1-10

Happy Hump Day!

Beer rating #1


Things I’d rather be doing

Twins Game


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  1. Here’s something that could inspire anyone to draw. I have a horrible slash bizarre dream last night which consisted of me trying to pull Laura’s hair out in anger because she moved my white jetta to a different parking lot. Followed by Drew picking us in his paddle boat at Cedar Lake with fire works in his pocket…or were they??? We held onto the side of the boat while he paddled because he didn’t want us to ruin the new paint job. He was bringing us to his “magical cabin” (as he referred to it).

    Ready, set, Draw 🙂

    Comment by Aileen | August 13, 2009 | Reply

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