MS Paint…the medium of true art.


Q: What’s the point of this blog?

A: Basically, the original plan was just to entertain ourselves. Once we realized that we were entertaining others, we decided to share it. Hopefully it gives you a distraction from work, school, family reunions or anything else you would prefer to not be doing.

Q: Do you make any money from this?

A: No, although if we could, we would. Are you offering to purchase this site or pay us for our creativity? One of us needs a job (see below) and the others would really enjoy being able to quit their current jobs (hence the reason we spend work ours not doing work).

Q: Do you seriously do all of this while you’re at work?

A: Yes and no. Most of the art is created at work – usually while on a conference call or something equally as boring. One of the best parts about our artistic abilities stem from the fact that we draw while multi-tasking. The site is updated by one of us who is unemployed, so there are no work/life conflicts there.

Q: Oh, I get it…. you’re unemployed because you got busted making MS paint drawings and g-chatting all day while you were at work, right?

A: No. And we kind of resent you assuming that. The unemployed individual is simply a victim of the economy and is actually a brilliant marketing and events manager who holds a Master’s degree and would probably outperform you in your job, so watch it buddy.

Q: Are you threatening me?

A: No. Well, not really.

Q: Who the hell are you people?

A: Wouldn’t you like to know? Due to the fact that most of us actually do still have paying jobs, we can’t really disclose that information for a couple of reasons:

#1: We aren’t sure our bosses would be 100% supportive of our company sponsored hobby

#2: If we ever choose to talk smack about our jobs, our bosses, or our employer, we don’t want it to come back and haunt us.

We might be easily amused, but we’re not dumb.


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  1. My feet smell like Doogie Houser.

    Comment by Steve | August 4, 2009 | Reply

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