MS Paint…the medium of true art.

About us

Welcome!  I wish we had a better story to tell you about our website and where it came from, but the honest truth is that it’s a simple recipe derived from boredom at work, inability to use photoshop, and some long nights of drinking.

We hope you enjoy our drawings, conversations, and random thoughts, and we welcome your commentary on any/every topic. While most posts will be MS Paint oriented, we will be including other various delicacies, such as PowerPoint slides, email conversations, and whatever else we find amusing.  Suggestions and requests are always welcome, or we’d love to see your own work that we’ve inspired.  Feel free to submit to us here!.

Feel free to pass the site along to friends and check back every so often to see what we’ve been up to. We may not post every day, but we’ll try to keep you as entertained as possible. From time to time, we may even post things from the archives of our inboxes, if you’re lucky.

Last but not least – don’t be jealous of our skills. We know this stuff is awesome, but please don’t use it for anything of your own. We’ve killed far too many braincells with alcohol, and we need to hold onto what little creativity we have left. We’d call it “intellectual property”, but we’re pretty sure ‘intellectual’ is sort of a stretch. You get the idea. Don’t steal it, or we’ll find you and make you drink with our freaky french friend until your liver fails.

Kalisha 2



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  1. You kids have been keeping me entertained all day at work, but I feel like someone is trying to bring you down! Check out the header here:

    Someone needs to set them straight. It IS necessary.

    Comment by Starts with an S, ends with a Z. | August 7, 2009 | Reply

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