MS Paint…the medium of true art.

A conversation about work. sort of.

E: K asked me to find her a 42″ round office table for her work
so i sent her this:
good call
E: she said:“f you
and there’s more criteria
and i’ve already been googling asshole”
L: hehe, I don’t think she is in a very good mood
E: ah, wednesday.
at least we have practice tonight
and its still cold. 😦
L: really
haven’t been outside since this morning
I thought it would be sweet to have a cafeteria in our new building
but it sucks because now I never leave the building
E: lol
thats okay
my boss just busted me not only gchatting
but searching for tables.
L: oh well
E: it was more annoying than anything. he interrupted my job search too.
L: damn him
E: i know,what was he thinking?
L: he has some nerve walking in your cube like he owns the place and trying to get you to work. Doesn’t he know you have better things to do with your time?
E: exactly!
ppff. bosses.
now the other girl keeps coming over.
sigh so much for job searching
L: does she just want to chat or is she making you work?
E: we’re both kind of working.
approving flyers.
and making an awesome ppt slide of money coming out of an air duct.
L: damn I would like to see that
E: there you go.
I can’t stop laughing
E: the girl who helped make it also commented on how awesome your artwork was.
L: ahhh, you showed her the one eyed dog?
E: no no
the “special” crayon drawing
that you did of your dog
which hangs in my cube.
L: Ahh yes
maybe I should make enough drawing that I could do my own art showing
E: ooh!
L: it might only be three or four drawings and take place on the sidewalk outside of McD’s but it could be good E: i’ll be there to support you


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