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mythical creatures i’d like to own…. part 1.

L to K, E:

Dude they’re not supposed to be good!!  You have officially stifled my creativity.  E, here is your moose/unicorn or moosicorn as I like to call him.


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K: where do hippos live?
in africa?
it looks like he has a ballsack on his face.
you made me draw a fucking hippo in ms paint
i am impressed with your use of color.
Well thank you.
hippos remind me of rainbows
is he a jesus hippo?
Funny you ask.
He is.
or should I say was…
he was supposed to board the ark with his hippo life partner Sal. Sadly, Hal (this hippo), was busy drinking whiskey and ate one too many quaaludes and ended up passing out beneath the steamy waters of the Nile and was left behind to bask in his drunken glory under the beautiful African sunset. If I were Jesus, he’d be my favorite…

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L, to E:

he is a happy ant for 2 reasons:

1. He may only have 5 legs but on those very legs are 5 tap shoes.

2. He is drinking a delicious martini.


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the frog: a conversation.


E: he kinda looks like an alien. but i’m pretty proud of myself.

K: I was actually gonna say that was pretty good. I would give that like an 8.7

E: complete with the fly, even?
E: i maybe should have done a lily pad… since right now he’s sort of floating in space.
K: k.  maybe 8.875 . i like the attention to detail

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